Food and Beverage Expert Witness Testimony Services for Defendants or Plaintiffs

As a Food and Beverage Expert Witness, Linda has represented hospitality clients of every style, shape and size. Common cases which require her expertise involve alcohol consumption (by patrons and/or by employees), coffee spills (in restaurants as well as cafeterias), adding gratuities without permission, labor union issues and more.

For nearly 35 years, Linda Lipsky has helped more than 700 hospitality clients MAXIMIZE their sales AND profits, and achieve their highest level of product consistency and guest service satisfaction levels. Linda combines her degree in Organizational Management from WHARTON with more than three decades of hands-on restaurant management experience to implement cost-cutting measures and create revenue generating programs THAT WORK. Linda is also a nationally recognized and sought after speaker on a variety of hospitality topics.

If you are seeking a Food and Beverage Expert Witness in the following Operational areas, call Linda today. She’s ready to help whether she is supporting the Defendant or the Plaintiff.

  • Restaurant Openings
  • Operations Evaluations
  • Bar and Dining Room Training Programs
  • Hiring Practices (Job Descriptions, Hiring Criteria, Interview Questionnaires, Training, Evaluations, Terminations)
  • Kitchen Training Programs
  • Alcohol Awareness
  • Point of Sale Systems
  • Menu Design (Copy Writing, Proofing, Engineering for Profitability)
  • Management Performance
  • Cost Reduction Programs (Liquor, Labor, Food, Other)