Food and Beverage Operations Evaluations Uncover New Opportunities

Food and beverage operations evaluations with Linda Lipsky Restaurant Consultants, Inc. are designed to evaluate current food and beverage operations for the purpose of uncovering new cost control methods, missed sales opportunities, gaps in the organizational structure and ways to elevate the current level of customer service. We’ll provide a fresh perspective and a new pair of “restaurant eyes” as well as a few tricks of the trade which we’ve gathered from more than 800 other clients.

These reviews are generally conducted over a three day period, during peak and off-peak meal periods. The ideal time to schedule an evaluation of this type would include a Thursday open, Friday mid-shift and Saturday close. The consultation is followed by a written report detailing our experience and would include a list of primary observations and recommendations of ways to increase sales, decrease costs, and improve both the customer service level and organizational structure. The written report would be sent within 10 to 14 days of the visit.

During our on-site visits, we will interview key members of the management team and staff. We will make observations during several meal periods. We will also conduct a prime cost review (food, liquor and labor) and menu review. We will require a complete tour of the facility including all storage and public areas.

In order to complete this project, we will spend three days on-site with the balance of our time spent in our offices, analyzing the information, documenting our findings, and making recommendations on how to make your operation more organized, efficient and profitable.