Popular Topics and Programs for Food and Beverage Training

Food and beverage training enhances your staff’s performance. This list will provide you with an overview of the type of training topics we can readily address. However, we are by no means limited to these. We would be happy to create and customize additional operations, management and/or marketing-oriented programs. A few of our most popular seminar topics are listed below:

Seminar Topic Seminar Title
Menu Engineering Designing Menus for Maximum Sales and Profits
Server Sales Training How to Maximize Your Check Average
Customer Service
  1. Going Beyond Your Customer’s Expectations
  2. Seeing Your Restaurant Through a Customer’s Eyes
Customer Service / Hostess Program Making the Best First and Last Impression
Food Cost Reduction Basic Training in Kitchen Management Techniques
Liquor Cost Reduction Basic Training in Bar Management Techniques
Labor Cost Reduction Make Every Labor Dollar Count
Management Training Back to Basics / More Than Shift Management
Management Search Finding and Retaining Qualified Managers
Employee Hiring Finding and Retaining Qualified Employees
Sanitation Training
  1. Conducting Your Own In-House Inspection
  2. Basics of Sanitation Training for Kitchen Employees
  3. Basics of Sanitation Training for Dining Room Employees

These food and beverage training programs vary in length and can be cut or expanded as needed. Please feel free to call, or e-mail any questions, requests or suggestions.